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Bullet Proof Glass Houston

Houston Bullet Proof Glass - For Your Commercial Safety Glass Needs.

Bullet proof glass is becoming a common essential in the Houston Texas area today, as the city grows, unfortunately so does the crime rate. The need for keeping you, your employees, and your property safe is surely a growing concern that is in the back of your mind daily.

Bullet proof glass windows are an integral part of fast food restaurants in New York, Chicago, Los Angles, and even New Orleans currently. Business owners in the Houston area have been able to forego having this type of security implemented in the past, but now as the economy has been on a roller coaster for the past five years businesses being held up by gunpoint is on the rise.

Whether you have a jewelry retail location, restaurant, check cashing service, payday loan store, or any type of business that is open around the clock and is susceptible to being robbed at gunpoint, you need the extra protection of our bulletproof glass. It is crucial that you have the exterior glass replaced with this technology, or at the very least the point of sales, and service areas where money is exchanged during your normal business practices.

Check with your business liability insurance provider, as you may realize a discount on your policy that will help offset the cost of such a purchase. We can give you the exact specification of the glass, with manufacturer, and model number(s), so you can give the insurance company specific information on what steps you are taking to prevent theft at your business locations.

The Houston bulletproof glass industry is fairly new to the area, and Precision Glass and Mirror has taken steps to become the authority on protecting your business with commercial safety glass that can withstand high caliber gun fire for that extended protection you need. Call Bobby at the shop to find out more information about this line of products, and any special needs you may have for your specific application.

Once your installation is in place your employees will have a positive sense of protection, and would be thieves will see that you are not taking any chances, and it will take extra time, and work for them to overcome your latest investment in security. Bullet proof glass windows will tell all business predators that you are just too much trouble to rob, and they will go else where in the future.

Commercial Safety Glass Applications

* Bank Teller Windows
* Drive Up Windows
* Drive Up Banking
* Person To Person Money Exchange
* Restaurant Locations
* Check Cashing
* Grocery Store Tellers
* Loan Stores
* Gold and Silver Buyers
* Diamond & Jewelry Stores
* Unbreakable Countertop Glass
* Employee & Asset Protection
* Withstand High Caliber Gun Fire
* Top of the Line Protection

Tempered Glass - Space City Ice
Insulated Glass Jack In The Box
Laminated Ship Glass
Laminated Ship Glass
Herculite Door Sephora Galleria
Herculite Door Sephora Galleria
Store Front Plate Glass T-Mobile
Store Front Crash - Plate Glass Verizon Wireless
Store Front Crash - Plate Glass Verizon Wireless
Store Front Plate Glass - Foot Locker
Store Front Board Up
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